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Anxiety is a common concern that is a normal reaction to stressors in life. However sometimes it can become overwhelming. A workshop for working with anxiety using techniques based in mindfulness will be offered for University of Arkansas students. It wil
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  Responsible young online daters are more likely to find true love than middle-aged online daters. This has to do with Maslow's psychological and emotional hierarchy of needs. Responsible young adults who have obtained steady income helps them feel mor
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Upcoming Alzheimer's studies may change how disease is treated With no cure on the horizon for Alzheimer's, professionals are focusing on preventing the disease through early diagnosis. Tony Guida speaks with one of the nation's foremost Alzheimer's
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Valentine's Day is supposed to be about celebrating genuine love. There is romantic love, friendship love, and family love. Sadly, there are more couples that are dissatisfied in their romantic relationships than satisfied.  In a dissatisfied romantic rela
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  After many winters, most feel that their memory is not as sharp as it once used to be, therefore, believing that it is normal to have some memory loss. Over my ten years working in Alzheimer's research and collaborating with world renowned medical
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There are now many brain training sites that claim that it helps improve memory. CBS news reported that: "The developer of "Lumosity" will pay a $2 million fine to settle federal allegations that it misled customers about the benefits of its "brain traini
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      PRT .Today  The recent killings in Oregon by a gunman who opened fire is another example of unsuccessfully finding the cause why these killings continue to happen. For Personal Revolution Therapy (PRT), this is an unfortunate perfect trifecta; O
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      The best New Year's Resolution is not to have any. Most who create New Year's Resolutions each year either never start with them or those resolutions are short lived. By definition, resolution is making a firm decision to do or not to do som
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      Bookstore | Body, Mind & Spirit | Inspiration & Personal Growth     BOOK Awake and Alive Revolutionize Your Relationships through Personal Revolution Therapy TM By Dr. James Triana  Published: 10/31/2012 Format: Perfect Bound Sof
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    Bookstore | Body, Mind & Spirit | Inspiration & Personal Growth     Awake and Alive Revolutionize Your Relationships through Personal Revolution Therapy TM By Dr. James Triana  Published: 10/31/2012 Format: Perfect Bound Softcover Pag
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  Domestic Violence goes beyond physical abuse.  http://www.ncdsv.org/publications_wheel.html
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Drinking, disability or accountability? Both. Alcoholism is a disease, but taking responsibility for your drinking is the first step to recovery. Treatment can not come to you. You must go to treatment, if you want help.   
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      Why are mass shooting in America continue to occur? After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, there was hope that the government would take better steps toward avoiding another massacre. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan argued that the
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  It is within the goodness of personhood, the quality of being an individual person, that brings out one's own sexuality, radiating self-confidence and self-respect. In Leo Buscaglia's book, he refers personhood as "The Art of Being Fully Human." I worry
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\   Personal Revolution Therapy (PRT) is about effective human multitasking. PRT helping to fight childhood obesity while running a 5K to feel less guilty later at Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all. 
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                                            Have you started feeling the jitters or the blues now that the holiday season has begun and you don’t know why? Unfounded jitters or the blues usually manifests themselves into anxie
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  There are about 1300 new stepfamilies forming each day in America, according to the US Bureau of Census. This means that there are more than 1300 individuals trying to make emotional and financial adjustments to their new family. Stepfamilies’ emotional
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          This Veteran’s Day let us give pay homage to those who we have lost in war and also show compassion to those veterans who are now struggling emotionally from the war’s emotional scars. There are over 57,000 homeless veterans with limit
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              According to Sexting as Media Production:Rethinking Social Media and Sexuality by Amy Adele Hasinorff, "Studies have shown that sex crimes using digital media against minors reflect the same kind of victimization that happens offline." T
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      Founder of PRT.Today, Dr. James Triana supports and celebrated last night's Legacy Award of Excellence that was presented to Kelly Stone with her sister Sharon Stone at the Funkshion: Fashion Week in Miami Beach.   Kelly and Sharon Stone found
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  The claim that Cannabis treats ADHD better than Adderall is unfortunately not true. Cannabis may relief  some common mood symptoms that are associated with ADHD, like feeling anxious or agitated. However, cannabis does not treat the disorder of ADHD. 
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              Sexuality is beautiful. Not just sex but everything that expresses healthy human sexuality. Having a positive self-image and a good self-esteem comes part from feelings good about your own sexuility. Sexuiliaty is celebrated in our
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                      This Halloween do not let the words, "Day of the Dead" scare you. The Dia De Muertos is a celebrated holiday in Mexico. It is a holiday where family and friends gather together to remember loved ones who have died and to celebr
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