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Immigration Assessments

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Founder of Personal Revolution Therapy

Dr. James Triana offers web-based services in the area of mental fitness Via the Internet by means of Skype or e-mail.

Dr. Triana is a licensed professional that uses the techniques from his book, “Awake and Alive: Revolutionize Your Mental Fitness through Personal Revolution Therapy” (which can be ordered from this website) to help you get what you want from online counseling.

Dr. Triana’s online counseling is  accessible, anonymous, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the privacy of your own home.

Why online counseling? Many individuals are turning to the Internet for professional advice. They are discovering that the internet is the deal way to discuss life’s challenges, personal concerns or emotional problems.

What issues can Dr. Triana help you with?

alcohol and/or drug problem

 anxious and/or depressed

 problems losing weight

improve your parenting skills

not happy in your marriage or relationship