Parenting Kids to Succeed in School

How Should the Healthcare System Work To Help Treat Substance Abuse and Deal with the Opioid Epidemic



Check out for a breakdown statistics on alcohol abuse.



Anti-Memory Loss Prevention For Our Kids’ Future

Many patients in their early 50’s and with memory problems tell me that they have suffered some type of head trauma while playing sports as kids. There is a higher probability that you will suffer memory problems if you have had head trauma from playing youth sports, especially, in high school/college football and cheering. The statistics on head trauma among youth sports is staggering.

However, I like to be more optimistic to think that we are doing a better job in informing parents about concussions, as well as, developing better sport equipments to protect our kids from suffering head traumas.

Youth football and cheerleading season is around the corner. Please, please, continue to monitor your kids that they use proper sport gear and, especially with cheerleading, that all possible precautions are taken to protect our kids from injuries.  By taking these steps, we parents, are helping prevent our kids from having memory problems as adults.

Change in behavior are new signs of memory problems, not cognition

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I believe, change in behavior are the first signs of memory loss not in cognition. We are now studying those who are not diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to help fight this disease. Those who were not grumpy before and now they are, maybe the start signs of memory loss.

Cellphone Programs hacking your Brain? I Doubt It.

Any effective researcher knows that to discover what really causes what is not so easily proven. Achieving high reliability and validity, that is, cause and effect, that cellphone programs are brain hacking is very difficult to show. There are too many variables to narrow it to the programs on your cellphone.

Spending too much time on your cellphone, like other forms of media, is just another form of distraction to a deeper emotional and psychological distress. Ineffectively, it is often used to try to cope with depression or anxiety.

Do not blame the programs on your cellphone or any other form of media for being unhappy in your life. Instead, for example, focus on being a better parent. Effective parenting will teach your kids how to cope with diversities in life, including being distracted by the use of cellphones. So, do not blame the cellphone for why your child is spending many hours on their phones.

Staying Informed about Current Immigration Laws and Your Rights

Free Immigration Boot Camp
Saturday Jun 3rd 11am-2pm
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ONLY 40* SEATS AVAILABLE – RSVP REQUIRED * Because we will be sharing important information and time is limited, we ask that you do not bring children to this event.
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