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Cellphones, Programs that will Brain Hack? I Doubt It.




Cellphone programs for brain hacking? I doubt it. That has been said about media throughout the years. Newspapers was said to be brain hacking. Radio was said to be brain hacking. Television was said to be brain hacking, as well as, computers. Now, cellphones?

Any effective researcher knows that to discover what really causes what is not easy to proof. Achieving high reliability and validity, that is, cause and effect, that cellphone programs brain hack is very difficult to show. There are too many variables to narrow it to the programs on your cellphone.

Spending too much time on your cellphone, like other forms of media, is just another form of distraction to a deeper emotional and psychological distress. Ineffectively, it is often used to try to cope with depression or anxiety.

Do not blame the programs on your cellphone or any other from of media for being unhappy in your life. Instead, for example, focus on being a better parent. Effective parenting will teach your kids how to cope with diversities in life, including the use of cellphones. So, do not blame the cellphone for why your child is spending many hours on their phones.